Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stay As You Are---It Just Can't Be Done

“The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small. Stay As You Are” (79)

My husband and I bought 10 ½ acres of land this past summer and this purchase represented new beginnings, hope, and a different sense of time and space than what you would find in urban surroundings. As of late, I have struggled with the notion of time and space. Recent experiences in my life have forced me to view the land we purchased differently. Time is no longer predictable or stable in my life, it either goes too quickly or too slowly. I tried to capture that by using a video I took over the summer driving through our land by editing it, adjusting the speed, and changing the color composition. The purpose of manipulating the video was to also show that time and space can change something stable such as a piece of land that has remained untouched.

“We can no longer build serially, block-by-block, step-by-step, because instant communication insures that all factors of the environment and of experience co-exist in a state of active interplay” (63)

Jason Yi- A Story Based on Our Own History

Jason Yi’s lecture was profound in the sense that he is an artist that allows his feelings to shape and guide his inspiration when creating his artwork. I can relate to that notion immensely.  It is clear that most of Jason Yi’s artwork is inspired by his family history and roots and also his Korean heritage.

The project Jason Yi did that struck me the most was his film titled “Fan” and this particular film included two clips of his parents that overlapped. Jason had asked his parents to talk about their life story separately and they both began to talk about their son, this allowed Jason to capture their history and he was able to note the importance of his presence in their life story. As a soon to be parent, I was really able to appreciate the connection he made between parents and their children. The reason he chose to overlap his parents was to create a singular symbolic figure.

The most important thing that I took away from his lecture is that whatever you create as an artist has to come from a fun place. I agreed with his statement wholeheartedly because while you may be dealing with some intense subject matter while creating something, it still has to be something you enjoy doing. I can speak from my own personal experience that I cannot connect to the artwork I create unless I’m tapping into a passionate and emotional place while enjoying the process.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Insipration & Perspective

I embark on a new journey with every piece of art that I create, with no clear objective or destination, relying on pure intuition and driven by a meaningful event or certain emotion that I’ve become attuned with in that particular moment of time. This is an excerpt from my artist statement and I feel this best describes my creative thinking process to others.

Growing up, I was encouraged to express myself in every way possible, I always preferred to write stories and poetry but I often felt that something was lacking and I couldn't fully express what I had to say with only words. It wasn't until two years ago that I finally gathered up enough courage to take my very first art class. Since then, I've actively explored different mediums and techniques and with every project I complete, I move another step towards understanding what works best for me.

I rarely use outside sources as inspiration for my projects. My work tends to be non-representative and focuses on a certain emotion or situation that I am presently going through. I decided it was appropriate to include pictures of my wonderfully unique family since almost all of my work is inspired by them.

My Other Half!!!

Baby Vavra AKA My Current Inspiration

Majestic Titan- He knows how to do a lazy Sunday.
Silly Lily- Who says pictures have to be perfect?

In New Media & Art, my goal is to learn how to use new avenues to express myself artistically, I am "behind" in all the new technological advances and I'm hoping to  tap into all the possibilities they have to offer. I'm interested to see how my style and 'voice' will work in New Media & Art.

Until next time...