Friday, January 9, 2015

Insipration & Perspective

I embark on a new journey with every piece of art that I create, with no clear objective or destination, relying on pure intuition and driven by a meaningful event or certain emotion that I’ve become attuned with in that particular moment of time. This is an excerpt from my artist statement and I feel this best describes my creative thinking process to others.

Growing up, I was encouraged to express myself in every way possible, I always preferred to write stories and poetry but I often felt that something was lacking and I couldn't fully express what I had to say with only words. It wasn't until two years ago that I finally gathered up enough courage to take my very first art class. Since then, I've actively explored different mediums and techniques and with every project I complete, I move another step towards understanding what works best for me.

I rarely use outside sources as inspiration for my projects. My work tends to be non-representative and focuses on a certain emotion or situation that I am presently going through. I decided it was appropriate to include pictures of my wonderfully unique family since almost all of my work is inspired by them.

My Other Half!!!

Baby Vavra AKA My Current Inspiration

Majestic Titan- He knows how to do a lazy Sunday.
Silly Lily- Who says pictures have to be perfect?

In New Media & Art, my goal is to learn how to use new avenues to express myself artistically, I am "behind" in all the new technological advances and I'm hoping to  tap into all the possibilities they have to offer. I'm interested to see how my style and 'voice' will work in New Media & Art.

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