Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jason Yi- A Story Based on Our Own History

Jason Yi’s lecture was profound in the sense that he is an artist that allows his feelings to shape and guide his inspiration when creating his artwork. I can relate to that notion immensely.  It is clear that most of Jason Yi’s artwork is inspired by his family history and roots and also his Korean heritage.

The project Jason Yi did that struck me the most was his film titled “Fan” and this particular film included two clips of his parents that overlapped. Jason had asked his parents to talk about their life story separately and they both began to talk about their son, this allowed Jason to capture their history and he was able to note the importance of his presence in their life story. As a soon to be parent, I was really able to appreciate the connection he made between parents and their children. The reason he chose to overlap his parents was to create a singular symbolic figure.

The most important thing that I took away from his lecture is that whatever you create as an artist has to come from a fun place. I agreed with his statement wholeheartedly because while you may be dealing with some intense subject matter while creating something, it still has to be something you enjoy doing. I can speak from my own personal experience that I cannot connect to the artwork I create unless I’m tapping into a passionate and emotional place while enjoying the process.

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  1. I also connected with some of his closing remarks about artwork being subconscious play. Doing "assignments" can make it seem like work if one doesn't frame it in the context of being able to experiment and have fun with the art that you make. "Fan" was a really good piece, I appreciate how you describe his parents as a "singular symbolic figure". I have definitely seen my parents as that united single force before, so Yi's description felt pretty accurate.