Monday, February 23, 2015

Something Is Happening

Something is Happening

This is the first time I've brought along other people besides my husband to opening night. It made my experience much more enjoyable! Lydiah AKA "Ms. Horror" loved being able to see herself up on the wall. You could tell she was so proud of herself, which in turn, made me really appreciate what I created even more.

I really used the prompt of this project to really push my boundaries to see what I would end up with. In the end, I created something that I constantly refer to as "disgustingly awesome." I had so much fun and really connected to my artwork through Photoshopping the pictures, creating a book and putting together my final prints for the art show.


  1. I saw Lydiah at the show -- it was interesting to see her outside of the gory context of your photos, and I'm glad she had such a positive experience. The four photos in one frame was unique, and I think you pulled it off well; it really created a narrative, and it contrasted with the single photo on the right.

  2. Disgustingly awesome is a good term for it. I almost did a double take when I saw Lydiah; her personality in the photos compared to her personality in real life is completely different! Way to go outside of your comfort zone and push boundaries with your photos. They turned out really disgusting in a good way!